full time cosmetology student.

Conor Padraic was born July 28th, 2012

9lbs 4 oz, 21.5inches.

he is the ♥love♥ of my life.


song name.


I havent been on in awhile! I&#8217;ve been so busy enjoying time with Conor before i go back to Aveda. But these are some recent photos of him! he was a shark for halloween lol. seth and i are together and working things out. he&#8217;s such a good dad! so that&#8217;s my short little update :)
i’m not on this blog much anymore

if you’re interested follow my other one. be warned though, it’s not a mom or baby blog at all.

me and my babylove Conor :*

my babe hates me and is only happy in his swing after eating :’(